GDC is the legendary annual conference on game development, sharing tools, tips and technologies for unbridled professional learning, networking and fun.

IGDA is an Independent, non-profit organization for game software developers. The site features news, membership information, articles, and forums. Become a member and get involved!

GameSoundCon is the premier conference for composers, sound designers, audio engineers and others who want to learn what it takes to work in the video game music and sound industry

Game Career Guide is a great resource for students and offers numerous articles on game development.


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 Visit the FilmTVsound online production coursebook here: Film Sound

Hear the best independant SFX Libraries in one place at the A Sound Effect site

Browse this library of audio tutorials from Media College on audio fundamentals.

Read the daily adventures of a sound designer at Colin Hart's Sound Bistro

Enjoy this sound design blog from Andrew Spitz for more audio knowledge.

Learn how to play drums at Adam Randall's site for amatuer and pro drummers

Try a Bass Tuner and Ukulele Tuner as well as this Violin Tuner and tune by ear!

Visit www.NeilSlade.com and expand the power of your brain

Play some Slots or maybe this Blackjack game made with Unity.


101-ball smartphone_zombie


(Zombie by Henk Nieborg via nfggames)