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Superlux HD 681

Game Audio Headphones Superlux HD 681 Side

For those on a tight budget, the Superlux HD 681 is the undisputed champion. At just $30 they deliver insane value and have already began to disrupt the overpriced, pro headphone market.

These headphones feature a semi-open design, so there is some subtle bleed heard by the outside world. This design also allows for reduced listener fatigue and seems to relieve the pressure felt with closed design headphones. The voicing on these lean slightly to the treble side but everything seems even, including the bass, which was deep and accurate. The HD 681 delivers a broad sonic picture and features a 10 Hz to 30 kHz frequency response. The Superlux HD 681's ship with a black carrying bag and have a long cord with a 1/4 plug that unscrews to reveal the mini plug.

Take a look at the reviews on these things. This is a good sign. It means that both professionals and consumers are using and enjoying them. Everywhere you go online, the public response is overwhelmingly positive. The 32 ohm impedance rating means they match nearly every audio interface on the market as well as a wide spectrum of consumer devices.

Headphone Reviews Superlux HD 681

Game Audio Headphones Superlux HD 681 Side


I am floored by the low cost of these. I honestly wasn't expecting much at this price point but they completely blew me away. The overall voice favors the treble side but so do others pairs costing $500. This is a huge find for the budget-strapped game audio professional. These are supported by Sonarworks free calibration plugin, which means you can get them even flatter. The Superlux HD 681s are a powerful contender in the headphone market and cannot be overlooked. Superlux has managed to deliver the ultimate low-cost solution for accurate monitoring.



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