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Best Gaming Headsets

Best Gaming Headsets

Game Audio professionals create the music, sound and dialgoue heard in video games. At the end of the day many are also gamers too. It's important to know what the crowd prefers in regards to gaming headsets, especially for those working on AAA titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC with 5.1 or 7.1 surround. The rise of eSports has resulted in an avalanche of pro gaming headsets flooding the market. Many claim to be premium peripherals with audiophile quality but a quick listen often suggests otherwise. The following multi-platform models have earned their popularity through build quality and high resolution audio. They are literaly the best in the world with near-perfect reviews coming from every corner of the web. The following companies also have lower cost models but what you see here are their flagships. Hear the audiophile quality that the game developers intended with rich audio content and get the full sonic picture of their efforts.

Sennheiser GSP 600

Sennheiser GSP600

This 70yr old German company is well known in professional audio for their high sonic accuracy and build quality. The GSP 600 is their flagship offering for gamers and brings Sennheiser sonic accuracy into the gaming market. Just opening the box leaves the impression of quality with the headset being incredibly light and includes a box with two cables. The wearing comfort is flat out amazing and the mic is easy to adjust. Playing Call of Duty and Guitar Hero was a sonic adventure revealing a silky top end, low bass and everything in between. Listener fatigue is ultra low on these and a big part of that is their smooth response. The harshest sound effects came across without being overly painful to hear. Overall, these are near-perfect and have earned their spot at the top.


Steel Series Arctis Pro

Steel Series Arctis Pro

The Arctis Pro is a multi-platform headset with a dedicated DAC (digital to analog converter) which makes it really stand out. The minimlaist deisgn is great those who regularly switch from gaming to tv and music. You could walk down the street without looking like a helicopter pilot. The comfort is solid and the ability to boos the low end will appeal to bass freaks. The sound stage in regards to surround is adequate for most activities. The headband and magnetic earcup covers can be changed to various art designs. The well-balanced sound signature of the Arctis Pro makes it more flexible for use across a wide range of media.


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 with Super Amp

This company actually started in the 90's making sound cards for PC. Their reputation in the gaming world is well earned. They have so many different models that there is something for everyone. The Elite Pro 2 is their flagship offering and comes in two versions, PS4 or Xbox. The SuperAmp brings app-based audio control and bluetooth connectivity make these super flexible. The sound quality is amazing for their intended purpose, gaming. The Elite Pro 2 is comfortable both physicaly and sonicaly. The 50mm drivers reveal everything around you and the audio controls allow for hightened functionality. Tweak the settings to focus on what's important and dial in the perfect sound.


How Gaming Headsets are Rated

It's easy to see what headsets the public favors First, look at the top ranked gamers and see what they are wearing. Second, look at the organic feedback from buyers and you'll see certain models being favored over the competition. Third, try a few for yourself and see if they meet your needs. Consider the comfort level, quality of sound, width of soundstage and surround. Do you want a dedicated headset only for gaming on PS4/Xbox One? Maybe you want the option of listening to music on the go. These factor into the final purchase. It's smart to have a flexible headset that will be compatable with future consoles like the Atari VCS.



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