Sound Effect Libraries


sound effect libraryThere is currently an overwhelming amount of new sound libraries available. One thing is for sure, the era of overpriced libraries is slowly fading. Today, a game audio professional can find SFX of the highest quality without spending a dime. These can be blended with your own recordings for ambience or just to supplement your own growing library. Did you know Game Audio 101 has a fresh pack of free UI Sounds? These are great for casual mobile games and in-game events. Be prepared to spend some time combing through them all. Listening to each sound takes time and you may want to make your own, internal notes as to their best usage. Head over and get your 101 Free Pack


Pro Sound Finder is a free program designed to display, search and export metadata details from WAV and MP3 sound effects audio files. Organize your entire collection of audio files and regain control over their metadata. Features include:

* Read (and edit) Broadcast Wave and iXML metadata.

* Drag n Drop of excerpts of sound files.

* Sound formats: Wave, Bwf, aiff, Sd2, Caf, Mp3, among others

* OSX and Windows

FREE Download (Mac/PC) Pro Sound Finder