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This Game Audio 101 website is a basic introduction to a deep and multi-faceted area of the interactive entertainnment industry. If you are serious about a career, it would be wise to start with a serious education. This area of game development is constantly improving and has become a respected field of study. It is far beyond anything a traditional college program can can provide. The top game audio schools offer degree programs covering audio production as well as middleware. These schools are constantly adapting their curriculum for the fast moving game industry. Get started on your career path with these game audio schools:


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As video game development becomes increasingly advanced, so does the technology used in game audio. Courses range from audio production to music composition and middleware studies. Get familiar with the middleware engines FMOD and Wwise as well as game engines like Unity and Unreal. These skills are required for many of the audio jobs listed on the 101 job board.

The 101 team will continue to seek out the finest game audio schools and interactive audio education. In addition to a learning the ropes, it is important to network and attend conferences to get a feel for the culture. There, you will make the connections needed to get ahead in the interactive entertainment industry. Each year, tens of thousands migrate to San Francisco for this event. GDC is the mecca for game developers, where they share tools, tips and technologies for unbridled professional learning, networking and fun:


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Before embarking on the game audio career path, be sure to read our entire collection of game audio articles as well as those found throughout the web. Another great resource is the #gameaudio community on twitter, which can be seen on the left column of this very site. Tap into the daily stream of content shared by hobbyists, students and professionals, some with decades of experience. Join the fun and get a daily dose of game audio wisdom.


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