Game Audio Schools


Before diving into game audio, it's important to learn the basics. This means audio engineering, DAW's, mixing and music production.

There are now several game audio schools offering online and traditional degree programs. The DIY education route is the most popular path and the spirit of middleware experimentation is evident in the #gameaudio community. Major companies frequently require these skills for Audio Directors, Sound Designers, Technical Sound Designers, Audio Engineers and Music Composers.

In addition to attending game audio schools and self learning, it is important to network and attend conferences to get a feel for the culture. Here you will make the connections needed to get ahead in the interactive entertainment industry. Each year, tens of thousands migrate to San Francisco for GDC which is the mecca for game developers and a great supplement to game audio schooling. Also seek out smaller conventions to make new connections in the industry.

Before embarking on the game audio career path, be sure to read our entire collection of game audio articles as well as those found throughout the web. It's an exciting time to be involved in this industry so into the daily stream of content from hobbyists, students and professionals, some with decades of experience. Join the fun and get a daily dose of game audio culture. Whether your future includes fulltime or freelance endeavors, thanks for dropping by.

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