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Welcome to the original game audio jobs board. Feel free to browse and apply for those that best suit you. Change the search terms and location for new and interesting results. As with any job application, be sure and read the qualitfications and be professional. Visit this page daily for the latest listings.

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Keep in mind that the vast majority of game audio jobs are never posted. They happen after years of dedicated service or by meeting the right person at the right time. It all comes down to trust. Get out and make contacts in the industry and make yourself known. Occasionally, this board will feature audio jobs that reside outside the game industry. You'll see everything from radio station listings to sports franchise companies seeking help. Jobs in audio span every industry, so be sure to specify to specify the one you are targeting. Adding a state or city to the search string can narrow down the results and get you closer to the desired postings.

Dust off that resume and try your luck with new job. Whether you favor in-house positions or contract work, these listings should keep you covered. Be sure to also check the other job boards as one cannot have it all.

While some are lucky enough to find jobs placements without a degree, it can be very helpful to enroll in an audio engineering program and learn the basics. There are also game audio specific schools which offer an advanced curriculum. As middleware expands and evolves, the job requirements will do the same. Stay on top of programs like FMOD and Wwise as they are at the forefront of interactive audio.

Composers and sound designers should be familiar with these programs and most audio jobs require it. As games grow in size and complexity, it helps to stay organized with programs such as Soundminer. The pipeline of audio assets in a game can be overwhelming and such products make the development cycle more manageable.

Be sure and tap into the amazing community of game audio practitioners and learn from a generous group of passionate professionals.