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sound effect libraryWhen it comes to the best sound libraries, few can compete with The Hollywood Edge. This is the ultimate collection of sound effects on a hard drive and includes 70,990 masterfully crafted audio files. Sound Ideas is the exclusive distributor of sound effects collections from Hanna-Barbera, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, Turner Entertainment and Amadeus. Layer these best-in-class sound effects with your own recordings and create unique soundscapes and rare sonic events. Get the ultimate hard drive for game audio projects and take your game to the next level with The Hollywood Edge


single sound effects For those seeking single sound effects, look no further than Super Search Online from Sound Ideas. This is one of the most established and comprehensive online SFX resources on the web. Be descriptive and seek out specific sounds for use in your game audio projects. Their online collection is second to none and has grown into the definitive source for SFX files. Pick your favorite sounds from the vast catalog of sound libraries and build your own custom mini-library. Finally locate for those hard to find sound effects to integrate with your game audio toolset. Step up your game with Super Search


meta digger

MetaDigger is a free program designed to display, search and export metadata details from WAV and MP3 sound effects audio files. Organize your entire collection of audio files and regain control over their metadata. Features include:

* Open & display metadata embedded in any set of digital broadcast wav or mp3 files

* Search embedded metadata in broadcast wav or mp3

* Listen to any wav or mp3 file by using the audition feature

* Create custom work folders or projects from search

* Export and import metadata information from your databases

* Edit database records to save additional search keywords, notes and ratings

FREE Download (Mac/PC) Meta Digger


Stock Music

What about game music? Download royalty free music of exceptional quality from Stock Music and search through 13,200 stock music tracks on more than 290 Royalty Free Music CDs. Search, preview and purchase music, production elements and sound effects


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