Game Audio Development with Unity 5.x

Game Audio Development with Unity 5.X

Learn to implement original and engaging soundtracks and SFX with Unity 5.x. This book starts right off with the core topics of audio development: audio sources, spatial sound, mixing, effects, and then drops into more advanced topics like dynamic and adaptive audio. Readers will learn to develop dynamic and adaptive audio using the Unity Audio Mixer. Get familiar with professional third party tools like FMOD inside of Unity. You will then go through the creation of sound visualization techniques and creating your own original music using the simple yet powerful audio workstation Reaper. Lastly, you will go through tips, techniques and strategies to help you optimize game audio performance or troubleshoot issues.

At the end of the book, you'll have gained the skills to implement professional sound and music. Along with a good base knowledge audio and music principles you can apply across a range of other game development tools.

Table of Contents

What you will learn:

* Develop game audio and other audio effects with Unity

* Getting familiar with the new Audio Mixer introduced in Unity 5

* Implement dynamic and adaptive audio using various tools and strategies

* Explore interesting ways to incorporate audio into a game with sound visualization

* Use 3rd party professional audio development tools like FMOD

* Compose original music and record vocals

* Understand and troubleshoot audio performance issues


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About the Author

Micheal Lanham is a solutions architect with petroWEB and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. In his current role, he develops integrated GIS applications with advanced spatial search capabilities. He has worked as a professional and amateur game developer building desktop and mobile games for over 15 years. In 2007, Micheal was introduced to Unity 3D and has been an avid developer, consultant, and manager of multiple Unity game and graphic projects since. Micheal has previously written Augmented Reality Game Development, also published by Packt Publishing in 2017.