15 signs that you're a Game Audio Nerd:




15. You compose .MOD tracks and use programs called Milkytracker, etc.


14. When angry at folks, you threaten rendering them down to an 8bit 8khz WAV


13. You have recurring nightmares about looping a 70 minute mp3 of dubstep


12. You just went to a GANG Hang, then to an IASIG ale-swig


11. You just want an uncompressed life with NO FLAC!


10. You tweet things like: "All who wWander are not LLost" and other wWisecracks


9. You have a Soundminer T-shirt that plays embedded .OGG files


8. You have a Commodore 64 signed by Rob Hubbard


7. You made music/sound for a new TurboGraffix16 handheld game.


6. You refer to all underwear as 'middle-wear"


5. You feel that all CD's should be released with playable stems


4. You sometimes add #gameaudio to actual thoughts


3. At the ATM, you imagine better UI sounds


2. Your cat's name is NEOGEO and meows in perfect pitch


1. Your band is called "The Soundblaster Pros'